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Lemokey L And P Series Keyboard Bluetooth Firmware

The keyboard Bluetooth firmware can be used in all Lemokey L Series and P Series keyboard versions (Barebone / ISO keyboards)

Note: If everything works fine with your keyboard. Please don’t update the bluetooth firmware. There is a chance it can damage your keyboard.

Step 1: Download and open the update tool "Lemokey Firmware Updater". (Windows only, the Mac version is still under development. )

Download the Lemokey Firmware Updater (Windows)

Step 2: Please download the firmware.

Step 3: Connect the L series keyboard with your Windows PC via pluging in a cable, click on the 'Browse' button, select the firmware you have just downloaded, and then click on Device to choose the keyboard. Here we choose the Lemokey L1.


Step 4: Click on the 'Update' button to start flashing the firmware.


Step 5: Update completed. You can click on the 'Get Version' button again and check to see if the is the latest version.


*Step 6 (Optional):

(1) If the issue persists even after updating the firmware, please factory reset your keyboard (Pressing fn/fn2 + J + Z for 4 seconds).

(2) After you finish the reset, please go to your device Bluetooth settings > select the keyboard and remove/ delete/ unpair it and re-pair it with your device.

You may contact support@lemokey.com if a defect covered by the warranty arises in your product within the warranty period. Lemokey will honor the warranty of our L and P series keyboards (e.g.: L1, L3, P1.) by one of the following methods at our discretion:

- Defects of L and P series keyboards have been caused by manufacturing: We will only replace the defective parts of the keyboard, not the whole keyboard, as it's highly customizable and easy to be rebuilt.

- Defects of  L and P series keyboards have been caused by disassembling our product, improper installation, non-factory repairs/modifications, improper adjustment of the product, or neglect, including but not limited to “burn-in”, and similar wrongful use: We will NOT offer free service. We only offer PAID service to replace the defective parts at your own cost (including the cost of parts, shipping fee, and tax if applicable).