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Lemokey X series

Lemokey X0 QMK Wired Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Lemokey X0 QMK Wired Mechanical Gaming Keypad

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The Lemokey X0 is a wired one-handed mechanical gaming keypad with premium features such as QMK support, a 1000 Hz polling rate, shine-through keycaps, built-in silicone palm rest, and more. Ideal for your gaming sessions!


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Lemokey X0

Introducing the Lemokey X0, a 35-key one-handed QMK mechanical gaming keypad with a 1000 Hz polling rate. Customize every key effortlessly using the Launcher web app to optimize your gaming experience. It includes an integrated silicone palm rest for added comfort, shine-through keycaps, and more, ensuring it's the perfect companion for your gaming sessions!


Ultimate Gaming Customization

Equipped with QMK firmware, the X0 offers limitless customization tailored for gaming excellence. The Lemokey Launcher web app empowers you to effortlessly remap any key, create macro commands, and shortcuts, giving you a competitive edge in games, such as FPS games. 

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An Epic Core with On-Board Memory

A powerful high-performance ARM architecture MCU equipped with 256K Flash will provide more flexibility for developers. The polling rate is 1000 Hz right out of the box, which makes the latency hardly noticeable even in competitive games.

One-Handed Design, More Space-Saving

The X0's one-handed, 35-key design frees up your desk, giving your mouse the space it needs for swift and precise movements—essential for dominating fast-paced gaming environments.


Every Move Counts. Every Press Matters

With N-key rollover, every keypress is accurately registered, no matter how many keys are pressed at once. This ensures you never miss a move, giving you the competitive edge needed to dominate the battlefield in fast-paced FPS games.

OEM Profile Shine-Through Double-Shot ABS Keycaps

Made through the ABS double-shot process, the keycaps are durable and wear-resistant. Meanwhile, the shine-through letters lit up by the north-facing LED present a glamorous look at your fingertips.


14+ Types of Red Backlight Mode

Engineered with over 14 varieties of red lights and featuring a range of styles (such as flashing, breathing, and static) to match your mood. 

Shine-through keycaps are ideal for gaming sessions.

Versatile Uses

In addition to gaming, the X0's customizable macros across multiple layers are invaluable for professional tasks like video editing, music editing, CAD, and graphic design, allowing you to transition between gaming and work seamlessly.


Ergonomic Support

X0 features an ergonomically designed built-in silicone palm rest, the ergo space bar is designed to align with the natural curvature of human fingers, enhancing comfort and ergonomics.

Pre-Lubed Keychron Mechanical Switch

Comes with a firm and smooth typing feel. Plus, the factory pre-lubed process on all the Keychron Mechanical switches (excluding the clicky ones), no doubt will ensure the best smoothness at your fingertips when typing.

Keychron Mechanical Switch Features
Keychron C3 Pro QMK VIA 80% TKL layout Mechanical Keyboard

Flexible Cable Placement Options

The C3 Pro bottom case reserves grooves for the cable, offering three placement options to adapt to your desk arrangement. 

Keychron C3 Pro QMK VIA 80% TKL layout Mechanical Keyboard
Keychron C3 Pro QMK VIA 80% TKL layout Mechanical Keyboard

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Width149.4 mm
Length245.1 mm
Height39 mm (incl. keycaps)
Feet Height1.3 mm
Weight493 ± 10 g
Body MaterialABS Plastic
Plate MaterialSteel
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Compatible SystemWindows/Linux
Operating Environment-10℃ to 50℃
KeycapsOEM profile shine-through double-shot ABS keycaps
MCUARM Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32F402RC (256KB Flash)
SwitchesKeychron mechanical switch
BacklightNorth-facing red LED
N-Key Rollover (NKRO)Yes
Mount StyleTray mount design
StabsPlate-mounted stabs
ConnectivityNon-detachable USB-A cable
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Lemokey X0 User Guide

Learn more about the Lemokey X0 such as the shortcuts, assembling guide, factory reset, and more in the FAQ section.

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