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Gateron Kangaroo Box Ink Switch

Gateron Kangaroo Box Ink Switch

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Each Gateron Kangaroo Box Ink Switch Set comes with 110 switches and the bottle.
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Define Your Tactile Typing Feel

The Gateron Kangaroo Ink Box Switch is one of the smoothest switches that features a transparent orange housing and green stem made of a new type of plastic. These switches are full of surprises in terms of its color scheme, internal features, and ability to offer you a brand new and satisfying tactile typing experience.

Dustproof Wall Design

The wall design on the top of the stem prevents dust or moisture and reduces stem wobbliness in the N/S and E/W directions.

Inside Gateron Kangaroo Box Ink Switch
Inside Gateron Kangaroo Box Ink Switch

Black Plated/Golden Spring

The Gateron Kangaroo Ink Box Switch is engineered with a golden (59 gf) or black-plated (63 gf) spring, which provides a nice sound with a little crunch.

Black Plated/ Gilded Spring

Two Operation Force Options

Available in your choice of medium 59gf or 63gf operating force.

Switches Features 

Different Gateron Kangaroo Box Ink Switches Features

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Product NameGateron Kangaroo Box Ink Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
Upper Housing 
Proprietary "INK" blend, transparent orange housing
Housing Base
Proprietary "INK" blend, transparent orange base
SpringSpring steel
Pins5-Pin switch
SMD LED SupportNo

Compatible Keyboard:

Lemokey L series, P series, and P Pro series custom keyboards.

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