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Keychron Switch Tester 100 Max Edition

Keychron Switch Tester 100 Max Edition

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Each Keychron Switch Tester 100 Max Edition comes with 100 switches(including  9 Keychron, 6 Cherry, 41 Gateron, and 44 Kailh switches), transparent ABS Keycaps and the holder.
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Keychron Switch Tester 100 Max Edition

Test and compare 100 different mechanical switches under one roof. This tester features a complete range of linear, tactile, and clicky switches with various operation forces, enabling extensive comparisons. It is an invaluable tool for anyone considering a custom keyboard build or looking to replace switches on an existing keyboard, aiding in making an informed choice based on personal preference.

Keychron Switch Tester
Keychron Switch Tester

Wide Variety of Testing Options

This 100-switch tester offers extensive options for comparing types, brands, crucial for custom keyboard builds or replacements. It serves as a vital tool for assessing switch feel and performance, allowing for a nuanced understanding of each switch's unique feel and sound.

Accurately Mimics Keyboard Switch Feel

It is meticulously crafted to closely simulate the actual feel of switches on a mechanical keyboard, complete with a steel plate, an acoustic foam, a bottom case, and silicone foot pads. This design ensures an authentic and immersive testing experience, ideal for evaluating different switch types.

Keychron Switch Tester

Ergonomic Support

The switch tester provides three carefully crafted adjustable typing angles, ensuring lasting ergonomic wrist support. Easily customize your typing experience for comfort and reduced wrist strain.

Keychron Switch Tester
Keychron Switch Tester

Black Transparent ABS Keycaps 

Black transparent ABS keycaps provide a smooth typing experience and are easy to clean, popular among keyboard enthusiasts for their combination of beauty and functionality. Their transparency also reveals the switch mechanisms, adding visual appeal and educational value, and are likely to offer a unique experience.

Keychron Switch Tester


Keychron Switch Tester

Team Up With Gateron Switch Puller & Opener

Recommend using the Gateron Switch Puller to remove switches from a keyboard plate and the Opener to quickly and easily disassemble switches.


  • Dimensions: 197 * 197 * 35 mm
  • Weight: 620±10g 
  • 100 different switches

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Keychron Switch Pad Specification Guide 
  • 1 * ABS Base
  • 1* Steel Plate
  • 1* Buttom Base Acoustic Foam 
  • 1* Keycap & Switch Puller
  • 100 * Black Transparent ABS Keycaps
  • 100 * Switches  (including 9 Keychron, 6 Cherry, 41 Gateron, and 44 Kailh switches.)

Note: This is a non-functional switch tester that doesn't include a PCB and cannot connect to devices. It's specifically designed for testing the feel of switches, which can be removed from the frame for individual examination.

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